Ogallala Farm Aid 2014

Devil Be Farm Aid 2014

Farm Aid 2014 here we Come!!! Here's last year...

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Farm Aid 2008 with Brother David & David Amram

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Jesse Lenat: Diamond Heart

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Son Of a Cactus Farmer!







     "Lenat is a songwriter and performer of uncommon depth and weight, his simple, yet elegant melodies are infused with literate lyrics, and there’s not many like him around anymore."







     "Farm Aid Favorite"



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Brooklyn Folk Fest April 8th 10:15 pm

1.      Back From Vegas!!!  Where i had a blast playing Uncle Si Robertson in a musical about the Duck Dynasty Family!  Robin Leach in The Las Vegas Sun said: "Uncle Si, played by the brilliant Jesse Lenat, is a bona-fide scene stealer. He’s completely bonkers and plays the role as boisterously and out of control as he can be. His disco-dance number in sparkly pants with the ladies of the “Duck Dynasty” family is absolutely hilarious. And then just when you don’t think he can be any wilder than Carrot Top, he dons a leopard leotard for the showstopping finale...I also want outrageous Uncle Si to move into my backyard when they head off to Broadway. This ice tea-drinking character is the most wonderful, wild, wacky and loveable lunatic. You can’t help but love him. He should become a character in Terry Fator or Jeff Dunham’s act. This guy redefines laughter."







2.      Farm Aid 2014!!!  was held in Raleigh North Carolina September 13th!!!  at The Walnut Creek Ampitheatre! So glad to be part of this amazing concert for the 4th time! for more info go to:


or to view my past farm aid appearances click videos to the left...or: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdLlq1epltE 

(Farm Aid 2014 pics below w/ Brother David!)







3. Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County

Two Succesfull tours of the Stephen King/John Mellencamp/T Bone Burnett's

dark gothic Musical in which i played The Zydeco Cowboy!


 "Another musical shining star was Jesse Lenat. His Zydeco Cowboy was the show’s narrator, and he played guitar throughout."


We got to play the famed Ryman Auditorium - The Grand Ole Opry! in Nashvile, The Beacon Theatre in NYC, and The Oriental Theatre in Chicago...

Ghost Brother's Of Darkland County 



Backstage at The Ryman Auditorium (The Grand Ole Opry)








Past and onging news...

     Also So Excited about 3 NEW songs that i recorded in one of the best and oldest Recording Studios in NYC...The LEGENDARY SEAR SOUND!!!  Here is a sample:    



   The Sessions were produced by Loren Toolajian and engineered by Chris Allen and i just got the Mastered tracks back from Bill Lacey who did an awesome job making everything sound spacious and big and juicy!!!

Me and Loren Toolajian (W/ Walter Sear!) The Boys: David Lenat, Skip Ward, Raphael Mcgregor, Brian Geltner's Back Me and Michael Bellar


-Had a great week working on a new musical "A Very Twisted Christmas"  written by Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister).  Got to shred some guitar solos & sing harmonies with guitarist Eddie OJeda!                  

-had a wonderful artist residency at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center where i worked on "SAM": A solo show written and directed by Katharina Schmidt and designed by Marsha Ginsberg (see acting page for pics--also some pics of this summer's Shakespeare in the Park's "As U Like It")



We raised over $10,000 at a benefit concert to help my neighbors in Brooklyn...shared the bill with none-other then Roseanne Cash!!! along with many of my favorite brooklyn musicians...details below...click on facebook link...